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Many medical facilities are starting to use Technovate Healthcare Solutions’s Patient Engagement services to collect more monry faster and earlier in the revenue cycle process this allows providers to avoid sending patient accounts to collections, which helps maintain steady patronage and fosters good public relations. With higher deductibles, earlier payments ensure self-pay cash flow and higher percentage self-pay account resolution.

Technovate refers to Early-Out Services as a “soft collect.” Early-Out is an extension of billing activities whereby the accounts are not actually in collections. In our experience, patients will delay making payment arrangements because they don’t understand the many intricacies of health insurance. Technovate’s Early-Out staff consists of trained billing professionals capable of “walking” patients through the complexities of a wide range of health insurance plans.

Improper eligibility checking is the number one cause for claim rejections. Therefore, Eligibility checking is the single most effective way of preventing insurance claim denials.


The patients appointment scheduling service is offered to provide doctors a convenient way to maximize their use of business hours across facilities and on a consistent basis. 


For Specialists who requires a referral or a pre-authorization form the process starts with retrieving the patient demographic information, insurance coverage, procedures to be authorized, and details of the provider to which they will be referred. 


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